FORMED is excited to partner with an incredible lineup of speakers who will share their experiences, strategies and knowledge. View the entire ministry team below.

Proudly supported by

David K. Bernard

General Superintendent, UPCI

Raymond Woodward

General Executive Presbyter, UPCI

LJ Harry

Curriculum Director, UPCI Pentecostal Resources Group

Susan Al-Saadi

Education Pastor, Apostolic Truth Church

Seth Boyte

Apostolic Truth Church

Katy Collins

Calvary Christian School

JoDana Flowers

Principal and Children's Ministry Speaker, Heritage Apostolic Church

Everett and Stephanie Gossard

UPCI Pentecostal Resources Group

Darrell Johns

Atlanta West Pentecostal Church

Joel Johns

Atlanta West Pentecostal Church

Robbie Knox

UPCI Children's Ministries

Lisa Reddy

Safe Church

Garrett and Allison Robertson

Apostolic Church of Barberton

Kaleb Saucer

Director of Marketing and Sales, UPCI Division of Publications

Aaron Soto

Apostolic Truth Church

Galen Thompson

NAM Director of Education, UPCI North American Missions

Ethan Tucker

New Beginnings Apostolic Church